Our Business

Topline Upholstery has been upholstering for over 20 years. Our speciality is the automotive sector but we can upholster nearly anything. All work is carried out in our Seaford factory.

What we do

  • Watercraft seats
  • Motorcycle seats
  • Car seats
  • Car interiors (door linings & consoles)
  • Furniture (seats, couches, bed heads, ottomans, etc)

What we don't do

  • Steering wheels
  • Shoes and Handbags
S1000RR Seat Upholstery

Upholstery is not just for damaged seats, but also new seats. For watercraft and motorcycles we have a selection of special black gripper coverings that are waterproof and offer various levels of grip.

We Can Help

Call us today to talk about your requirements. We can usually provide a quote over the phone, but sometimes it helps if you are able to a picture of your item before calling.